Friday, September 11, 2009

Cat, Meow~ Meow~

Recently Qiqi is able to imitate animal sound like cat, dog, duck and cow. I like to "test" her
Mummy: "Qiqi, what sound cat make?"
Qiqi: " Meow~ Meow"
Mummy: "Dog dog leh?"
Qiqi: "Uom Uom"

Feel so happy, but sometime i try to change the sequence if calling
Mummy: "Qiqi, tell mummy how dog sound?"
Qiqi: "Meow~"
This make wondering is she really know wht's diff between cat and dog sound. =="

Qiqi Love pet, especially cat. Tonight as usual, we went down to square after dinner to receive some "freash air". There is a wild cat lay on the floor, me and EK tried to change our route so Qiqi won't see the cat. But unfortunately, her eye sign is so Sharp, she so excited when see the cat, faster run over and play with the cat.

I feel so scare stay far away as i been bite by cat before when i was young. I keep asking EK don't let qiqi go too near to the cat. However, qiqi is super excited, she touch the cat, and even pull the cat tail!! I am super tension, keep saying "don't touch tail, cat pain pain and will bite qiqi." Finally EK remove qiqi from the cat, he told me "i feel pei seh when u keep shouting rather than worried about Qiqi"........Ai..

Thursday, August 20, 2009






这天傍晚我们到琦琦东海岸,租了两辆单车,琦琦和爸爸一起。天气很好,海风迎面吹来。。。琦琦好开心,很久没这么写意了。。。累了就把单车停下,坐在沙滩看小孩放风筝,吃带来的西瓜 :)



这次EK拍照,我在后面摆胜利的手势 :p


**凯琦@15 months**

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pocket Memory

We sent Kai Qi to LNT when she is about 10 month old, we hope she can learn something and most importantly, have fun. There is this game called "Pocket Memory" where teacher show the class a small toys, make a turn and put the toys inside the pocket. After that give kids 2 different object and ask them to pick and show the object they saw just now.

2 weeks ago, i start to do some home exercise with Kai Qi with the help of daddy. We play flash card, blowing game, concentration game and pocket memory. This is how we play the pocket memory:

Mummy: Come Kai Qi, see, mummy have a Yellow Ball. And mummy turn turn turn
(make a turn and hide the ball inside my pants).
Ops... the ball is missing.
(Daddy handover 1 green ball and 1 yellow ball to qiqi)
Come Qiqi, tell mummy which ball you saw yes now?

Qiqi: *blur blur* (figuring how to react).
Erer, papa papa
pulling her pant and try to put the ball in)
The end daddy help her put 2 balls inside her pant...

Qiqi: Erer, papa papa
(pulling her diaper as we didn't let her wear pant that day)

The end, daddy help her put the balls inside her cloth...

Qiqi: Erer, papa papa
(pulling her cloth, as that day she is wearing a whole piece romper and have no place to put the ball, she keep pulling and try to open the buttons)
The end, daddy help to open the buttons and put the ball inside...

Till now, she still didn't show me the correct colour ball, haha, maybe she though the games is to put the ball inside the cloth like what mummy is doing *sok sok*

**凯琦@15 months**


These 2 days friends show me thier blog wrote for thier son, i feel so enjoy when read thier blog. I saw 1 of the friend even design a special birthday cake for her son 1 years old party.... After reading, i feel so guity and disappoited to myself...

Qiqi 1 year old birthday was very very simple, we blow a small cake made by 4th present given from us, because me and ek both feel Qiqi have enough toys and she will very fast lost interest on the new toys so no point to keep buying. Now i really regret when look back, that's Qiqi 1st birthday, one and only once...

Qiqi, mummy promise will give you an unforgatable 2 years old birthday at our new house :)

**凯琦@15 months**

Saturday, August 8, 2009


EK and I always "dare" to let Qiqi taste and eat alot of "good food", where Qiqi also very 赏脸, she will eat ANYTHING as long as we are to put inside her mouth, but forsure she will push the things out if it taste not Yummy, hehe

Qiqi enjoy her KFC drumstick so much



**凯琦@15 months**